Mated Honey Bee Queens

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Mated Queen Bees

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PREORDER VSH California Queens For Pickup Friday June 14th 2024

PREORDER Alabama Mated Queens For Pickup Friday June 21st 2024

We will have mated queen bees for sale for pickup from our store in Alabama

NOTE: All queens should be picked up within 7 days of ordering or their pickup date if preordering. They cannot be guaranteed after 7 days. Remember that these are live animals. 

A mated queen can make splitting a hive much easier during the spring or the fall. Installing a mated queen into a queenless hive can save your colony or increase your apiary size. Requeening in the fall is a huge benefit to your colonies when spring comes.

Alabama Queens - These queens are mated in Alabama. The Italian bees are docile and a favorite choice of both commercial and beginner beekeepers. Italians have a long brood cycle that is great for areas with plentiful forage and shorter winters. Italian queens brood up quickly in the spring, making them popular for beekeepers who do almond pollination. They tend to be low to moderate propolis producers. Italian bees are excellent honey producers. 

VSH Italian Pol-Line From Florida - Brought in from central Florida, this Italian line of queens are bred with the popular Pol-Line and their genetic traits. These queens are daughters of breeding queens from South Carolina and the USDA Queen Breeding Program. Read more about Pol-Line queens here. 

VSH Italian Queens from California - These queens are brought in from California through a favorite queen breeder of ours that has been in the queen business since the early 70's. They have a great reputation for high-quality queens. These mated queens arrive in a JZBZ cage with attendants that have been bred for their ability to use the bee's natural ability to detect and remove varroa mites. VSH stands for Varroa Sensitive Hygiene.  

Customer Reviews

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Andy Alder
Two Queen

I had to re-queen twice this year and both times I was able to get exactly what I wanted and needed. The staff is always awesome and both queens are healthy and happy.

Excellent queen

I bought a VHS Queen mainly bc she was marked, but she is a fabulous layer.

Mark Miller
Mated queen

My first attempt at splitting a hive. After 5 days the queen was still in her cage so I let her out. She went straight into the comb. Hope she will now start laying.