Foxhound Entrance Feeder

$6.99 USD

Foxhound Entrance Feeders with UV Inhibitor Plastic

See our newly designed Foxhound Entrance Feeders. Made with UV inhibitor plastic, these feeders offer longevity and performance while ensuring safety for your bees. Built as an improved version of the classic boardman feeder, these are a game-changer for both beginner and experienced beekeepers.

Our innovative design overcomes many challenges associated with older feeders, promising an upgraded beekeeping operation. The feeders snap together easily, making them user-friendly and easier to clean than other feeders on the market.

Notable Features

Notable features include a solid bottom that captures drips, reducing the risk of robbing and making feeding bees simpler. The front multistep design adjusts to multiple sizes of bottom board entrances and slides effortlessly over any screened bottom. The solid bottom enables use on both short and standard landing boards, adding an extra layer of protection against robbers.

The UV inhibitor is built into the food grade, recycle-able plastic which makes it last longer and safer for the bees. 

Our feeders come with perforated lids that fit any small mouth mason jar and easily snap in and out of the feeder. We are proud of the advancements these feeders represent and are thrilled to offer them to the beekeeping community. Choose our Foxhound Entrance Feeders with UV inhibitor plastic for an efficient, safe, and enhanced beekeeping experience!


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