Entrance Feeder

$4.99 USD

These Entrance feeders are great for beginners and easy to understand and use, both by the beekeeper and the bees. These are popular because they don't require any specialized equipment and are universal in their design.


Each feeder includes a plastic base with multiple steps to fit different entrances sizes, a metal, pre-punched lid to fit a small mouth Mason jar, and a removable cover so the lid can be popped out easily and the base can be cleaned if necessary.


These feeders slide into the entrance of a Langstroth hive, where the bees walk into the feeder to feed. The syrup is placed in a common ball or Mason-type jar or our 1/2 gallon feeder jar and sealed with a perforated lid. When inverted and placed in the feeder, the syrup will drip briefly under the natural vacuum pressure in the jar.


Several feeders can be placed in the entrance of a 10 Frame Hive or 8 frame hive, reducing the need to visit the hives to refill feeders as frequently. The small-mouth jar screws onto the included lid and sets into the plastic base. It's important to have a tight seal to prevent the jar from leaking and the syrup from draining out.


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