First Lessons in Beekeeping Book

$12.99 USD
First Lessons in Beekeeping is the classic book for getting started in beekeeping. This book covers a significant amount of the information needed to get started without being overwhelming.

8 chapters ranging from assembling equipment, plants for bees, installing packages and bees, and honey harvesting to name a few.

167 pages, full color, ISBN: 6780915698127

You might think this is a given, but this simple book has excellent images with good details in full color. Beekeeping is hard to understand with just text, but images make it so much easier.

First Lessons in Beekeeping by Keith Delaplane has become the companion book for many of the beginner beekeeping courses offered around the country. The information is well organized and it offers an excellent reference for beginners as they go through a beekeeping class.

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