Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping Book

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Updated in 2022 - 3rd Edition

First released in 1999, Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping is widely accepted as a major textbook of Apiculture (beekeeping). Universities use it to teach college students bee biology and beekeeping. This is the third major revision of the text.


Beekeepers and bee clubs use it to teach other beekeepers.


It concentrates on the ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ of beekeeping. It explains bee and beekeeping basics in a manner meaningful to people who lack an extensive background in biology. Yet it is not over simplified, and provides a meaningful source of beekeeping information for the informed beekeeper.


The Third Edition has been carefully edited, updated and expanded to 480 pages. New chapters have been added, as have colorful new graphics and photographs. The Glossary has also been expanded.

This comprehensive textbook easily replaces many beginner books while adding comprehensive details of bee biology essential to becoming a successful beekeeper and student of the honey bee. Features many new full-color photos by the authors, selected beekeeper-photographers, as well as new color drawings by Jon Zawislak.

From Kim Flottum’s review of this book in Bee Culture:
•A major textbook of apiculture.
•It contains, in my opinion, at least 90 years of updated information.
•Each chapter has a Concepts box, which summarizes what the chapter is going to tell you.
•At the end of each of 23 chapters there is a section of discussion questions, exercises and the references cited in that particular chapter. As a teaching tool, these sections will be invaluable.
•Not a single page does not have an explanatory photo or three, along with a chart of diagram to further explain the information included.
•There is a glossary to die for, all 30 pages of it, followed by a very through index.
•This is hefty price for a book. However, you are really getting at least two very informative books here. And I ask carefully, what did that package of bees cost you this spring? Can you afford to lose it this next winter? Compare and contrast – saving even one package pays for this book. What is the value of your whole apiary? This book should stay on the dashboard of every beekeeper’s truck. It’s that good, and that necessary.


Ramesh Sagili, Professor-Apiculture
Oregon State University writes:
Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping text book is a unique and outstanding resource for students, as it seamlessly integrates both biology and beekeeping aspects. I have used this book for my class for more than ten years.

Table of Contents

About the authors                  iii

Table of Contents                    v

How to use this book              x


Section 1 Bee Biology    xi

1. Introduction                       13

2. What’s in a name?               31

3. Sociality                              49

4. What is a honey bee?          63

5. Anatomy                             78

6. Physiology                          95

7. Pheromones                       111

8. Dance language                  127

9. The bees’ nest                      145

10. Queens                                 161

11. Bee botany                          179


Section 2 Beekeeping       209

12. Getting started                   211

13. Management basics          229

14. Fall & winter                      253

15. Spring                                  269

16. Honey production             286

17. Honey & other products  305

18. Queen & drone rearing    324

19. Nucleus colonies               344

20. Pollination                          358

21. Bee mites                             378

22. Diseases                              402

23. Pests                                      419

Glossary                                  438

Index                                        460

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