Foundationless Frames - Deep 9 1/8-inch

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These frames are designed to be used without any foundation, instead of allowing the bees to build their own foundation.  Each frame includes 1 top bar, 1 bottom bar, 2 sidebars, and a wooden starter strip. When assembled, the bees build their comb inside the frame using the starter strip as a guide.  The full-length starter strip is essential in guiding the bees to build a straight sheet of comb inside the frame and reducing any crooked comb.

We changed our design to include a solid bottom bar which is an enormous help to beekeepers who keep bees in small hive beetle-prone areas.  The solid bottom bar reduces the number of spaces available for beetles to hide. A simple but significant improvement over using other types of frames.

Allowing bees to build their own comb is popular with beekeepers who want to harvest honey while still in its comb, often called comb honey or chunk honey. Without any foundation, the comb can be easily cut through and ensures your comb and honey are completely pure.

One of the most popular reasons for using foundationless frames is to allow the bees to build their comb more naturally. The naturally built comb is often built in a variety of cell sizes according to the bee's particular needs when building the comb. The size of the cells can range from 4.7mm up to 5.6mm.

These frames are sold unassembled or assembled, but if bought unassembled, they can be put together using typical hand tools everyone has. A hammer, nails, and a good quality wood-glue are all that is needed to assemble the frames securely. Good construction is key so the frames do not fall apart in the hive.


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