Hive IQ Bottom Board

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The HiveIQ Bottom Board

Discover the Hive IQ Beehive Bottom Board - a high-quality, innovative foundation designed to support and protect your hive while enhancing its overall performance. Crafted from high-density EPS, this bottom board offers exceptional strength and reduced weight, ensuring a stable and secure home for your bees. Its shock-absorbing properties also make hive transport a breeze, safeguarding your bees during any relocation.

Compatibility with the HiveIQ System

The HiveIQ Beehive Base is compatible with a range of HiveIQ products, such as the pollen collector, mouse guard, and more, providing a customizable and versatile solution for your beekeeping needs. The bottom board fits into the overall HiveIQ system providing a natural, insulated hive that bees thrive in. 

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Benefits of an Insulated Hive

Experience the HiveIQ Beehive Bottom Board, an innovative, lightweight, yet durable base for your hive. Crafted from high-density EPS, it not only ensures stability and safety for your bees but also facilitates easy hive transportation. The standout feature is its superior insulation, mirroring the thermal performance of all HiveIQ products. This insulation mimics the natural conditions bees thrive in, keeping the hive warm in winter and cool in summer.

This optimal environment boosts bee health and productivity, leading to improved survival rates, faster brood rearing, and increased honey production. Compatible with various HiveIQ enhancements, it offers a versatile solution for your beekeeping needs.


What's Included with the Bottom Board

  • 1 x HiveIQ Polystyrene Base
  • 1 x Ventilated Hive Floor for optimal ventilation, hygiene, and pest protection
  • 1 x Three-Stage Hive Magnetic Entrance for adjustable access depending on colony strength and conditions
  • 2 x Hive Entrance Locks for securing the entrance in open or closed positions
  • 1 x Blank Plate (Pollen Collector assembly sold separately)
  • 2 x NFC Tags for seamless hive management with the HiveIQ Hive Log App
  • 2 x Varroa Board Tracks (Varroa board not included)
  • All required screws for assembly

Dimensions 16.1 inches wide x 23.2 inches long x 3.5 inches high

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