Fischer's Bee Quick

$19.99 USD

Trusted by beekeepers for over 20 years, Bee Quick is a safe and organic bee repellent for removing honey bees from honey super boxes; an essential tool for harvesting honey from hives, and it smells great too!


It is a natural, non-toxic, sweet-smelling blend of natural oils and herbal extracts made without alcohol for honey harvesting and repelling bees.


It is the only honey harvesting product certified for use in a "Certified Organic Apiary" that can be applied with a fume board, breeze board, or unlit bee smoker. The recommended product in the "Backyard Beekeeping Book," the leading book on organic beekeeping by beekeepers for over 20 years.


Popular with backyard beekeepers and commercial beekeepers because of its ability to easily move bees from honey boxes quickly and easily without harming the bees.


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