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Rental - FLIR Handheld Thermal Camera Rental

$99.99 USD

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The rental period is 7 days from the pickup date. 
$100 deposit to be paid by CC upon pickup.
Thermal technology has been used for decades, but has become more popular recently with beekeepers and has become essential for doing finding a nest of bees inside the wall without ever having to open the wall up. 
The thermal temperature will sense the heat produced by the colony and with the digital display, you are able to easily locate where the colony is and more importantly, where it isn't. 
In addition to using the camera for bee removals or cutouts, the camera can be used in the winter to measure which colonies are strong and which ones are at risk of starving. Quickly examine an entire apiary without opening a single hive. 
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The handheld unit is rechargeable and does not need a phone to operate. It can scan surfaces and display the heat pattern visually. Images can be sent by Bluetooth to a phone for sharing. 
  • Measure a wide range of temperatures: -13 to 716°F (-25 to 380°C)
  • Identify the exact area that you're measuring using the bullseye laser pointer
  • Diagnose problems faster with FLIR-patented MSX image enhancement
  • Display and capture thermal or visual images with temperature readings
  • View thermal images in your preferred color palette on the bright 2.4" color display
  • Peer into the darkness and hard-to-reach areas with the bright LED flashlight
  • Use the onboard laser bullseye to point out thermal leaks.

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