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Rental - Observation Hive

$39.99 USD

Click book now to reserve your rental using our booking widget. All rentals can be picked up at Foxhound Bee Company and are a 7 day rental.

The Rental Period is 7 days from the pickup date. 

We use this observation hive as a part of some of the classes and events we do. The outside of the hive is painted with art that can be used to teach with and help kids and adults know the different types of equipment beekeepers use and bees inside the hive. 

We do not supply the bees with the observation hive. 

This observation hive will hold 5 deep or medium frames in the bottom, plus an additional frame in the top that is used for observing. A queen excluder between the top observation frame and the frames below gives you the ability to move the queen where you want her.