Beekeepers Leather Tool Belt

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Beekeepers Leather Tool Belt

This Beekeepers Leather Tool Belt is a well-made, quality tool belt designed by beekeepers for beekeepers to use when taking care of their bees. We love this belt and it has made our beekeeper gift guide! 

Each piece of this belt is designed to meet beekeepers' specific needs when working their hives with its innovative design. 

You will be satisfied with all parts of this tool belt because the full-grain leather belt, custom pouch, smoker holder, and hive tool holder all complement each other by being functional and stylish. Even if the bees aren't impressed, your beekeeper friends will be. 

Leather Multipurpose Pouch:

The front two pockets can hold queen cages, queen marking pencils, or pens.

The oversized middle pocket can hold larger items like queen marking tubes, frame grips, and other tools.

The back pocket is designed to hold a notebook or a phone 

Hive Tool Holder:

The leather hive tool holder has a built-in hidden magnet to hold your hive tool securely when you need your hands completely free.

The bottom of the holder keeps the tool's tip secure and in a safe place, while the top keeps it secure with a rare earth magnet. 

Smoker Holder:

Probably everybody's favorite part of the belt is the smoker holder for keeping your smoker nearby in a safe place. Don't risk setting your apiary on fire, and always have your smoker handy in a safe place. This tool belt is for you if you struggle to figure out where to keep your smoker.

The thick leather keeps your smoker secure and keeps you from burning yourself on accident. It works with both standard-size smokers and oversized pro smokers. Any smoker with a protective cage can easily be hung from the belt. 

Leather Belt:

When purchasing the whole belt, the 1.5-inch belt made with full-grain leather and brass buckle is made extra large to fit over multiple layers of clothes like a bee suit. The belt comes in two sizes; one is the universal belt made extra long and fits pant sizes from size 30-42, and a large size that fits waist 38-50. 

We recommend purchasing the belt with all the accessories. You can also purchase the entire belt with each piece or order the accessories by itself.


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