Drone Brood Frame

$4.99 USD
Frame Size

The Green Drone Comb is a non-chemical way to reduce the number of mites in your hive significantly. The female Varroa Mites prefer laying eggs in drone cells because of the drones' longer gestation period. These work best during the spring when the bees are naturally raising drone bees.

Cell size is 6.4mm

This one-piece plastic deep frame/foundation has been designed to make finding and removing mite-infested drone cells easier. Our plastic drone comb foundation is a one-piece plastic sheet that has a double coating of beeswax over the hexagons.

Our drone frames are green to make them easier to identify in the hive and are available in medium and deep frame sizes.

These frames allow the queen to lay an unfertilized drone egg in the cell. Just before the cell is capped, a varroa mite or two will jump into the cell to reproduce because of the longer reproduction period allowed by the drone cell. While the drone cell is capped, the mite will reproduce multiple times. But before the drone hatches out, the entire frame is frozen to kill the varroa mites and drones. This is done while as many drone cells are capped as possible but before they hatch out. The frozen frame is then returned to the hive, the bees will clean out the cells, and the process is repeated.

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