Medium 6 1/4 Inch Langstroth Frame, Wedged Top / Split Bottom with Holes

$1.99 USD
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Our frames are designed in a very specific way that works well for the bees and also the beekeeper. There is a gap that bees prefer inside the hive between two sheets of a comb called the bee space. When frames are placed in the box and touch each other, they are spaced exactly the way the bees want them because of the innovative design of the frames.

Each frame comes with four separate pieces: a wedged top bar, a split bottom bar, and 2 sidebars with holes that fit together with glue, nails, or staples to form the frame. Each frame fits a sheet of the foundation for the bees to build their comb on top of. Each frame is designed to fit inside a medium box in just the right way so it can be easily removed and inspected by the beekeeper.

Medium frames are most commonly used inside the medium/ honey boxes where the bees will store their excess honey to be harvested by the beekeeper or stored by the bees to eat over the winter. 

These frames are sold unassembled but can be assembled using typical hand tools everyone has. A hammer, nails, and good quality wood glue are all that are needed to assemble the frames securely. Good construction is key, so the frames do not fall apart in the hive.

These frames are designed with a wedge on the underside of the top bar and with a split bottom on the bottom bar. The wedge on the top bar is removable so that it can easily hold the hooks that come on our 100% beeswax foundation. The split bottom on the bottom bar allows the foundation to rest easily in the gap to prevent bowing of the foundation.

The sidebars include holes in them so the foundation can have additional horizontal wires threaded through the foundation to give them extra support in the hive. Honey and comb can be very heavy, so having extra horizontal cross wires can help keep the comb from collapsing.

Fits a 100% beeswax medium foundation with wires.

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