Oxalic Acid Varroa Vaporizer 12V

$99.99 USD

The Oxalic Acid Vaporizer is one of the newest tools for dealing with varroa mites. The vaporizer turns oxalic acid powder into vapor inside the hive.  The vapor is deadly to varroa mites on bees but is harmless for the bees.


FEATURES: The pan is made of precision-formed stainless steel with an integrated heating element. These two features are critical in controlling heat transfer to the pan's oxalic acid and preventing overheating. This is important as overheated oxalic acid breaks down faster and significantly reduces the efficacy of the treatment.


The wand is inserted into a closed hive and clipped onto a battery for power. The plate heats up within seconds, and the vapor is released inside the colony.


It must be used with oxalic acid and proper protection.

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