Wood Bleach / Oxalic Acid

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Oxalic Acid Wood Bleach

Oxalic acid or wood bleach is popular with beekeepers and woodworkers for various reasons. Beekeepers can use oxalic acid to treat varroa mites, and wood bleach can clean wood like our cypress boxes. When used in woodworking, you can make an oxalic acid solution with hot water for bleaching wood, removing iron stains, and more. This can be a great way to refinish wood surfaces and unfinished hives.


Our oxalic acid is 99.6% pure and comes in a resealable pouch which we'll keep moisture out of the powder. When working with oxalic acid, using the proper protective gear is essential.


According to FDA recommendations, beekeepers can use oxalic acid to treat varroa mites. Oxalic acid and wood bleach can be used interchangeably and mixed with glycerin or straight when used with a vaporizer in the hive. When mixed with glycerin, beekeepers can use it for an extended-release application and make strips using these absorbent pads or towels.


The powder is used straight without mixing when used with an oxalic acid vaporizer. When used this way, using the proper protective gear to protect your lungs is essential. Only a mask with organic acid filters will safely protect your lungs from the vapor. The FDA recommended dose when vaporizing oxalic acid is 1 gram per box. 1 gram oxalic acid equals 1/4 teaspoon. The University of Florida is attempting to increase that recommended amount to 2 grams per box for a maximum of 4 grams per hive.

Works with oxalic acid vaporizers for varroa mite treatments

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