Cypress Spacer and Feeder Rim

$37.00 CAD

This cypress spacer can be used as a feeder rim, a place for sitting varroa treatments, an upper entrance, and also as a quilt board during the winter.


The top of the rim has pre-drilled holes covered with a screen. The screens can be removed to create an upper entrance or left-covered to allow for excellent ventilation from the bottom of the hive through the top. The bottom of the rim is covered with a large screen that provides a place to rest different items and allows bees to pass through it. Feeders, treatments, and other items can be placed on the screen and easily removed without disruption or spilling.


When top feeding with baggie feeders or a top feeder, it is essential to have a spacer around the feeder so the bees can access the feeder. During the winter, pro-winter fondant or dry sugar can be placed inside for the bees to access. Wood chips or other absorbent materials can be placed on the screen during the winter to create a place for any moisture drops to accumulate instead of dripping back down onto the bees.


Some varroa treatments need to be placed near the brood nest and this rim can be used with hopguard, formic pro, Apiguard Varroa Mite Treatment, and other similar treatments.


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