Stainless Steel KW Hive Tool with Lifter

$25.00 CAD

This hive tool is the best of both worlds, commonly called the Kent Williams hive tool. We call it the best hive tool ever. This Stainless Steel KW Hive Tool with Lifter is the standard hive tool with its long reach, excellent leverage, and bent end so you can strike it with the palm. Plus, the additional lever makes pulling the frames up easier.


Our hive tools have a thick, strong feel, and ideally sized handle, making the tool easy to store in beekeeping jacket pockets, in your smoker, or in your beekeeping supplies toolbox. Our hive tool is the perfect length as a pry bar for separating boxes apart, and the scraper edge makes short work of cleaning up your frames and bee boxes; the extra-thick bar is thicker than the typical hive tool and makes separating boxes easier.


The high-strength 304 stainless steel is strong in all weather conditions and will not rust or corrode, and is easily sanitized, so it will be a part of your beekeeping equipment for years.


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