Apisolis Smoker

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Apisolis Flameless Smoker 

Apisolis sets itself apart in many ways. You don't need to light a fire to use it, it turns on and off almost instantly, and there isn't a risk of burns or fires.  

The Apisolis team designed this smoker to be safe and easy to use, so easy even a 5-year-old can start it, use it, and turn it off. The patented formula is designed to replicate the traditional smoke used by beekeepers, but without any of the dangers. 

Experience the future of beekeeping with Apisolis and the Native Formula. Embrace a revolutionary approach that brings convenience, health, and safety to the forefront while maintaining harmony with nature and the vital ecosystems that bees contribute to.

The Apisolis Kit includes the supplies you need to get started, complete with instructions and the patented fluid. Over time, resistors and the fluid will need to be replaced, and we have those supplies as well. 

Apisolis Smoker Kit:

    • EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED: Kit contains Apisolis, 120ml Native Fluid, 5 resistors, recharging cable, bellow, and manual.
    • INNOVATIVE BEEKEEPING SMOKER: Allows easy hive inspections without the hassle of lighting a smoker.
    • EASY AND PRACTICAL: Only 3 pumps of the bellow turn the included patented fluid into vapor.
    • NATURALLY DESIGNED: Utilizes essential oil blend to replicate traditional smoker effects.
    • SAFE FOR BEES AND BEEKEEPERS: Patented design eliminates risks of wildfires, burns, or harmful chemicals associated with traditional smokers

APISOLIS Native Liquid Refill for The Smoker:

    • NATURAL DESIGN: Replicates natural smoke without harmful side effects.
    • BLEND OF ESSENTIAL OILS: Patented blend from natural sources for peaceful hive inspections.
    • EASY TO REFILL: Removable lid and user-friendly spout for refilling the Apisolis smoker.
    • ENOUGH FOR A YEAR: Each bottle allows up to 125 hive inspections, lasting a year or more.
    • HARD TO REPLICATE: Formulated by the Apisolis team after years of research for optimal beekeeping benefits.

APISOLIS Resistor Refills:

    • REPLACEMENT RESISTORS: 5-pack for Apisolis smokers.
    • EASY TO SWAP: Conveniently remove and replace the resistors or coils.
    • WORKS WITH NATIVE FLUID: Designed for use with Native fluid to produce thick vapor for colony inspections.
    • LONG LASTING: Each resistor is expected to have a prolonged lifespan.