Disposable Small Hive Beetle Trap

$4.00 CAD

Adult small hive beetles are naturally forced and corralled into the traps by the bees.  As the beetles hide in the traps, they get caught in the oil reservoir and can't come out.

No tools are required to install; for best results, place 2 traps in between the 2 outside frames on both sides of the top box. Beetles are naturally corralled into the perimeter of the top box, exactly where the traps work best.

These beetle traps have thin slots for beetles to enter but are too small for bees to enter. Fill the traps halfway with any cooking oil, and as beetles enter the oil compartment, they die quickly. When full, throw away the trap and replace it.

Hive beetle populations increase in the summer, but the best time to use our beetle traps in your bee hive is the spring before beetle populations increase. During the summer, when beetle populations increase, you can place multiple traps in each box.

These traps have been used successfully by beekeepers since the early 2000s and are one of the most popular techniques for keeping small hive beetle populations low.

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