Civan Jacketed Honey Bottling Tank with No Drip Valve

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Our Civan Stainless Steel Honey Bottling Tanks are great for the backyard beekeeper or sideliner beekeeper who wants to upgrade from the standard bottling bucket. The size, price, dripless valve, and overall design of these bottling tanks will make you buzz with excitement at how well they work.


We have multiple sizes available, a 10-gallon (holds roughly 120 lbs) and a 20-gallon (holds roughly 240 lbs), and both bottling tanks include the same features and design. The dripless valve is a considerable step up from the standard honey valve or bottling gate. This no-drip spring-loaded ball valve is designed so you can quickly fill even the smallest of honey bottles in a controlled way. The long lever is simply pulled down to open the valve as much or as little as you want. You have full control. Bottling honey will never be as easy as this; you'll actually enjoy bottling honey in your bee house, garage, or kitchen again. This drip-free honey gate is even better than the perfection-style honey gate usually attached to other bottling tanks or buckets.


Internal Dimensions:
10 Gallon - 13.75" Dia x 16.5" H 
20 Gallon- 19.75" Dia x 16" H


External Dimensions (without valve hand):
10 Gallon- 18" W x 18" L x 21.5" H
20 Gallon- 26" L x 24" W x 22"H


The entire bottling tank is made from 21 gauge, 304 stainless steel, so it is a food-safe design that will not leave any added flavors in your honey or maple syrup. The stainless steel is easy to clean with hot water and will last you for years, or until you need a bigger one.


The bottling tank has a water jacket that fully surrounds the sides and bottom of the honey tank. This helps keep your honey at a consistent temperature, regardless of whether you want to remove crystals from the honey or if you want to bottle this year's entire harvest. The heated tank is perfect for bringing that bucket of crystalized honey back to liquid without overheating it. The temperature of the water is measured with a mounted thermometer and an electronically controlled dial. The thermometer and control dial are in Celsius.


The site water gauges on the outside of the honey bottling tank are easy to read and monitor, so the submerged heater element does not run dry. It's important to keep water in the water jacket so the honey can be heated evenly. It is not necessary to drain the water out each time, it can be left in the water jacket for months.


The bottling tank is powered by a standard 110 plug with a ground. Each tank includes the bottling tank, a no-drip valve that will need to be installed onto the threaded valve, valve tape, and a wrench. We recommend using a plumber's wrench to tighten the valve on well, but you can do it by hand. The tank floor is lifted off the work surface with steel feet that allow for cleaning under the tank if any honey spills. You won't be disappointed in this deluxe honey bottling tank. It is truly a well-designed tank that is perfect for providing safe heating of your honey. You'll wish you had stopped using the regular gate years ago.


It is only available for freight shipments and local pickup.


Dimensions of the tank, not including the bottling valve or heater:

- 10 gallons

- 20 gallons


They're available to be picked up in our beekeeping store in Birmingham, Alabama, or can be ordered online and shipped by freight.


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Customer Reviews

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Clois B.
Civan Jacketed Honey Bottling tank

I have found this tank to be easy to use I can reliquify crystal honey in less than 24 hours.
The no drip valve does just what it says after shutting it off and possibly two more drips that's all. The power is a standard 110 and has a nice length of power cord. Over all thumbs up
Boshells Bees


Haven’t used it yet but quality is top of line and will be a great asset to the farm