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Cotton Beekeeping Jacket with Round Veil

$69.00 CAD

The classic design with the full front zipper and the removable round veil is the most popular style of bee jacket because it is easy to put on and provides a reliable, protective layer against stinging insects.


The traditional beekeeper white cotton is thick enough to protect from bee, wasp, and hornet stings but light enough to be worn every time you need protection from stinging insects.


A quality zipper system on the front of the beekeeping jacket allows you to easily take off and put. The zipper surrounding the veil allows you to remove the veil completely for easy cleaning. The removable, round veil is pre-zipped onto the jacket for quick use and allows you to see in all directions around you for extra comfort but also allows a breeze to keep you cool while working.


We recommend you order the jacket in one size larger than the size of the t-shirt you wear. This bee jacket and hood can be worn by men or women, and this will ensure the jacket fits comfortably when working with your bees.


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