Emlock Strap

$21.00 CAD

Emlock Beehive Binding Strap Lock

Introducing the Emlock Hive fasteners with strap, the beekeeper's trusted ally for hassle-free hive handling, good for moving nucs, full-size hives, and swarm traps. Designed with practicality in mind, these fasteners work like a charm, especially when paired with Migratory lids. This is a lightweight, secure way to hold a hive together. Say goodbye to the stress of shifting hives—our hive lock provides a quick and user-friendly way to securely strap your hive for transport.

What's more, you can leave it on permanently, wrapping around the super to prevent lids from getting blown away by the wind or curious stock accidentally causing a hive mishap. Emlock Hive fasteners with strap are your go-to solution for ensuring your hive stays intact and your buzzing buddies stay safe. Beekeeping made simpler and more secure with Emlock!

  • Still the best way to strap a hive together ready for shifting.
  • Keeps boxes secure in high winds and during vandalism
  • The hive lock provides a quick and easy-to-use method of strapping your hive securely, ready for transport.
  • The hive lock can be left permanently strapped around the super to prevent the lid from being blown off or stock knocking the hive apart.
  • The hive fastener is combined with a 12mm width and 5-meter length nylon strapping. 

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