Long Wire Spur Embedder Wheel

$17.00 CAD

This Long Wire Spur Embedder Wheel is used to install the wires in a bee frame into a 100% beeswax foundation.  There are many ways to install foundation into a frame and adding crosswires and embedding the wax into the wires is one of them. This embedder is best used at room temperature, so the wax is more malleable, allowing the wire to be pressed into the wax. If it is too cold, i.e., during winter, the wax is more brittle and could crack under pressure from embedding the wire in this way.

This is an easy way to embed your wax foundation into your frames.

Simply insert your wax foundation sheet into the frame and rest it on a board or plank of wood so the wires are on top and have a hard surface to press into the wax. Run the spur along the wire carefully with some pressure. Do not press too hard, as this will cause the wire to cut through the wax. Instead, apply enough pressure to firmly embed the wire into the wax.


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