Pro-Nuc - 5 Frame Deep, Plastic Nucleus Hive

$19.99 USD

This updated version of the pro nuc is extremely helpful to the beekeeper because of its low cost and versatility. This multi-purpose nucleus box made of durable plastic is designed for the beekeeper who needs an easy tool for catching swarms or making splits.


This Pro-Nuc - 5 Frame Deep, Plastic Nucleus Hive includes:


Versatile Lid (comes in Pink, Green, Yellow or Blue)

2 - removable and sliding entrances gates

2 - frame rests to secure frames on the inside and keep them from sliding and a deep box the lid snaps onto.


Pro nucs are available in bulk orders as well in a pallet size of 200. If ordering bulk pro nucs, take a look at our bulk deep frames as well.  


If you would like the pro nucs shipped, order a single pro-nuc or in packs of 8 to optimize the shipping. Ordering in packs of 8 gets the best rate on shipping and also a discount on the pro nucs.


The separate lid snaps tightly onto the nuc keeping the bees inside during transport but can be rotated to allow additional airflow or restricted airflow through the lid. Two feeder options are on either end of the lid and cut be cut open to allow multiple feeder options without having to open the nuc up. If you'd like to request a particular color lid or combination of colors, enter those colors in the notes field during checkout.


The ends of the pro-nuc can be opened and closed with slidable gates that can let air through, while still keeping the bees in for transport. Or the doors can be opened on one or both sides to let bees come and go while keeping the rain out.


The lightweight pro nuc is handy for keeping in your car or truck for that swarm call that needs attention right away. Keep all your swarm-catching tools inside the box or just store 5 deep or medium frames in it for when the occasion arrives to split a colony.


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Shipping was little rough, overall pretty good I would order more next time