Small Hive Beetle Baitable Trap

$5.00 CAD

Adult small hive beetles are naturally forced and corralled into the traps by the bees. As the beetles hide in the traps, they get caught in the oil reservoir and can't come out. An extra compartment for a lure encourages more beetles to crawl into the trap.

Easy to secure trap onto the top of a frame while minimizing disturbance to the hive and still allowing all frames to fit in the box. Bees will continue to work inside the hive undisturbed, making beekeeping and catching beetles easier.

Includes two compartments to hold basic cooking oil for catching beetles and one compartment to lure beetles into a beetle jail trap. Beetles are attracted to fermenting fruit like melon, banana peel, and apple cider vinegar works too.

The traps have thin slots for beetles to enter, and it works by trapping beetles in the oil compartment and killing them quickly. Compartments can be easily opened up to empty and rinse with running water.

For best results, place 2-4 traps in the top box between the outside frames and the side of the box. Small hive beetles naturally hide in the top corners where the traps are placed.

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Customer Reviews

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Dwaine S.
Easy to use

Filled with apple cider vinegar and carnol oil, set in place as recommended. Clipped in place level with frame.

Sam E.
small hive beetle.

works as it's supposed to so far.

Michael a.L.B.