Small Hive Beetle Oil Pan Trap

$26.00 CAD

A small hive beetle trap that works. Each pan is made from heavyweight, rigid plastic and is designed to slide under the screen bottom board with its low-profile design. Providing a space for bees to trap beetles in.

These trays are best used during active small hive beetle season, which is during the warm months of the year, peaking in August. They can be used year-round and can be used to knock very high beetle populations down quickly or to keep populations low.

Our small hive beetle traps are not able to universally fit all bottom boards,  so we can't guarantee they will fit other suppliers' screen bottom boards are not compatible with our bottom boards sold in 2020 and earlier. The tray is deep enough to hold oil, diatomaceous earth, or soapy water for catching small hive beetles and varroa mites. An oversized handle allows you to check the tray with or without gloves. Choose between a 10, 8, or 5 frames small hive beetle trap that match our oil with these bottom boards here.

Use our pan by sliding the tray into the grooves under the screen bottom board on a level hive. With a few inches of the pan still sticking out, pour a thin layer of vegetable-based oil, about 1/4 inch deep, into the bottom of the pan. Slide the pan in fully to seal and check the pan weekly for debris. Debris can be strained out, and oil can be reused all season. Beetles and varroa mites will fall into the oil in the tray and cannot climb out.

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