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Swarm Rustler 2oz Spray

$46.00 CAD

Attracting swarms is a lot of fun and you can be much more successful when using a lure to bring scout bees to the swarm boxThis 2 oz spray bottle of Swarm Wrangler is their flagship product and has set the standard for all other methods for luring swarms.


This 2 oz misting bottle is completely safe for bees and will help to coax scout bees towards the trap, almost commanding them to move in. We love Swarm Rustler as an alternative to Swarm Commander for many reasons. 


This spray works great when used with the slow-release swarm vials that can be recharged easily with the spray. Simply use the vials in your swarm trap for 2-4 weeks and refresh the gel with the spray.


Spray, a pheromone specially created to attract passing swarms of feral honeybees. These swarms will be lured into your hive, giving you an opportunity to establish new bee colonies with a minimum of effort. All Natural food grade ingredients designed to mimic the queen bee Nasonov Pheromone.


Derived from floral terpenes, no lemongrass oil is in this product.


The spray bottle is the easiest way to apply the lure to a bait hive, with only a couple of sprays needed to bait the hive for 2 weeks. The small 2 oz container will be enough to last several years without loss of efficacy.


You will spray 2 to 3 sprays in your hive and landing board. We recommend 1 to 2 sprays when baiting a 5 frame nuc or swarm trap. Check your hives at least once a week for a swarm and potency of the swarm lure. If you can still smell the lure there is no need to apply. DO NOT spray too much lure in the hive or trap. Doing so will deter bees from taking up residence.


A typical package of bees costs between $100-150 and Swarm Rustler will easily pay for itself during its first year. Each year is different with swarms, but Swarm Wrangler has a great reputation for being successful.

 See our formula created by Alure is also available for attracting swarms. 


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