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Universal Fume Board

$37.00 CAD

Universal Solar Fume Board

The perfect tool for removing honey boxes for beginner and commercial beekeepers. Our Universal Solar Fume Board is deigned to be used with both both 8-frame and 10-frame hives. Leveraging solar heat, it quickly drives bees from honey boxes. Outfitted with black aluminum sheeting and an absorbent fabric interior, it optimizes heat absorption and the use of bee repellents like Fischer Bee Quick.

Works Quickly and Easily

Simply spray a non-toxic bee repellent onto the fabric, place over the honey super, and let the sun do the rest. Within about 7 minutes, enjoy a bee-free honey super for effortless removal. Designed with a robust wood rim, this fume board is compatible with 10-frame or 8-frame Langstroth beehives. To boost efficiency, consider using multiple fume boards simultaneously.

Dimensions: 20”x16.5”x1.5”. Our Universal Solar Fume Board promises a hassle-free and rewarding honey harvesting experience. 

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