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Replacement Beekeeping Veil

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Replacement Beekeeping Veil - Round or Fencing/Accordion

These beekeeping veils can be used as a replacement or an additional option to our beekeeping jackets and veils. All of our veils are compatible with all our suits and jackets. Our replacement veils are available in Olive Green or Beekeeper White. They feature a plastic YKK overlapping zipper, high-quality mesh that is easy to see through, and a ventilated material.


Our veils are not compatible with all brands, so they may not work with another brand of suit or jacket.


A bee veil is a must-have for all beekeepers since it protects your face from potential bee stings. That is why Foxhound Bee Company provided you with these protective veils. This veil mesh veil allows you to see through the mesh easier than our competitors. When buying your jacket, you want to buy a veil that detaches from it so it can be washed separately. All of our suits and jackets come with removable veils for easy cleaning and replacement.


There are two different types of veils to purchase: the ventilated round and fencing type of hood veils, and they both have beekeepers who love them when visiting their hives. Each veil will protect your head equally - it's just a matter of personal preference.


Each veil is available in Olive Green or Beekeeper White.


A hat can be worn with both types, but they are not necessary as the 3 layers of ventilated mesh protect your head from stings, and the adjustable strap can be used on the round veil.


Round veils keep the screen away from your face with a round metal wire even when kneeling and bending and offer a wider range of clear views when wearing it. The accordion or fencing veil keeps the screen away from your face easily and also features a zippered front so you can open it for drinking, scratching, or adjusting your glasses.


Both types of veils work great, and there is an equal amount of beekeepers who choose one of the other.

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