Vespa Catch: Asian Hornet Trap and Attractant

$23.00 CAD

Vespa Catch Asian Hornet Trap and Attractant

This Vespa Catch by Veto Pharma is designed to maximize the capture of Asian hornets and limit the trapping of other pests. The trap is composed of a cover pierced with two entrance wells.

The lid is covered with a tunnel to concentrate odors, shield ambient light, and prevent the escape of trapped wasps and hornets. It is easy to fill and renew the attractant and can be placed on a flat surface or hung in an ideal area.

Vespa Catch utilizes a special attractant concentrate as a bait that is sold separately in a single dose (10ML) and 100 doses (1000ML). The cap includes a graduated dosing device that makes it easy to measure the quantities of bait, sugar, and water required for the mixture.

It was tested in Portugal for 15 days which caught 2.3 times more Asian hornets than Tap-trap and 5.7 times more Asian hornets than the DIY wasp bottle trap.

DIY Hornet and Wasp Lure

A common DIY Asian Hornet Lure can be made using the following ingredients. This particular recipe is helpful because the alcohol in it repels bees, but attracts hornets.

Stir together equal parts of beer (not the good stuff), white wine and a natural fruit syrup ingredients and pour into Vespa trap, filling it no more than halfway. There are many variations of this, but this is a good solution.

VespaCatch: Tips for using the natural trapping solution for Asian hornets

  • The traps take a few hours to catch the wasps.

  • Reposition the trap if it doesn't catch any hornets.

  • The recommended maximum daily temperature to trap the hornets exceeds 60°F.

  • Traps in the Asian hornet passage areas are recommended.

  • Do not clean the trap during the renewal of the solution for better efficiency.

  • Leaving a dead hornet in the trap is recommended when renewing the solution.

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