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8-Frame Cypress Medium 6 5/8-inch Super Box

$19.99 USD

This is a cypress medium box to be used with 8 Frame Beekeeping Kit and is most commonly used for a honey box. The box can also be used as a brood box for the queen to lay eggs in if using an 8- Frame Medium Hive Kit


It is also necessary to have frames and foundation. But an empty box can be used for surrounding certain types of feeders like a baggie, Boardman, and some top feeders.


You can opt to purchase your cypress brood box unassembled, assembled, or assembled and painted. When choosing the assembled option, we will assemble your box with staples and wood glue so you can be assured they will never fall apart. If choosing assembled and painted, we will assemble your equipment, coat it with a white primer, and finish with a layer of premium-quality, UV-resistant white paint on the outside of the equipment.


We have set ourselves apart by supplying high-quality equipment to beekeepers and our kits are where we started doing this. The wood we use is a durable, 7/8-inch thick, smooth cypress board that is naturally rot-resistant and will last decades even without paint.


If you want to have, us ship the order and would like frames and foundation, order the complete box with frames and foundation instead of the pieces separately. This helps reduce shipping costs for you.


If you are looking for boxes with frames and foundation, go to our cypress kit page where you can select this box with the frames and foundation added. Available in unassembled, assembled or assembled and painted.


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