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8-Frame Cypress Metal Capped Telescoping Cover

$32.49 USD

This 8- Frame Cypress Telescoping Cover is the very top of the hive and is on the hive year-round. The cover acts as the roof of your hive and is your hive's primary defense against the rain, snow, and sun.


The cypress wood is great protection from the elements, but since the telescoping cover is constantly in the weather year-round, we put an aluminum cover on the top of it to protect it further. The white aluminum also serves as a great place to make notes on for hive records.


No need to worry about assembling them because our telescoping covers are sold fully assembled with glue, staples, and nails. If you'd like for your cover to be painted, we will coat it with primer and high-quality exterior white paint. Telescoping covers are the most popular cover used by beekeepers and work better when paired with our 8 - Frame Inner Cover


We are known for our quality, rot-resistant cypress wood and we certainly include it on our cypress telescoping covers. The cover is completely made of cypress wood, including the interior, so you can be confident you are getting a high-quality telescoping cover.


If you would like to purchase this as a complete set, check out our 8 Frame Beekeeping Kit or If you would like to customize the kit, we recommend building your kit and adding separate pieces to the cart, see our other 8 Frame Hive Parts. All the pieces of the beekeeping starter kits can be purchased separately at the same price as they are in the kit. This way, you can get the bee equipment you want.