8 oz Plastic Flat Panel Honey Bears

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We all love these 8 oz. classic honey bear bottles; the clear plastic bottle is the perfect combination for pure honey. These honey containers feature squeezable plastic with plastic threads and a flat panel body. The flat panel can hold a 2 x 2 1/4 inch label that complements the plastic honey bear well.


This 8 oz. honey bear squeeze bottle has the common 38-400 continuous thread top, which fits many styles of lids and features BPA-free plastic, super clear PET plastic, and is recyclable. Lids that fit these honey bear bottles have a pressure-sensitive safety seal that presses onto the bottle automatically when the lid is screwed on. If you are bottling liquid honey, you can't go wrong with a honey bear.


This 8 oz. plastic honey bear holds approximately 8 oz. (227 grams) or 2/3 cup of honey. The bottle holds 5.34 fluid ounces, but since it is specifically made for honey, it is advertised as an 8 oz. jar.


It fits 38 mm flip-top caps or 38 mm dripless lids which are sold separately.


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