Automatic Electric Wire Embedder

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Finally,  a commercially available Wire Embedder for beekeepers to use when installing their beeswax foundation into their frames.  Includes handy features like an adjustable timer and foot pedal operation.

Watch our video on how to use a wire embedder jig

Using the included parts, the wired frame is placed on the platform with the metal contacts on either side of the embedder in contact with the cross-wires in the frame. The wax is placed onto the wires and then covered with the weighted board. Simply pressing the pedal starts to heat the wires and the weight of the board gently pushes the wax into the wires.

For time adjustment, the number on the digital disc is the first 1 and the next 5, which is 1.5 seconds. The default time is set to 1.5 seconds, but it can also be adjusted appropriately according to the actual situation. Quick enough to use in a large bee operation but simple enough to be used by backyard beekeepers.

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