Everything Bee Vacuum Gen 2.5

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Everything Bee Vacuum Gen 2.5

If you are in the market for a bee vac and want to take your bee removals to the next level, the Everything Bee Vacuum from All My Bees is the best. We have used this bee vacuum and have rented one to beekeepers since 2020, and we can say this is the best tool for the job.


Our Bee Vacuum can be rented from our beekeeping store as well. 


You'll never struggle with extension cords, heavy boxes, leaking vacuum suction, or piles of dead bees again. The backpack-style bee vac with a rechargeable battery will take your bee vac business to the next level and removes the frustration other bee vacuums have.


There are many other types of bee vacuums and styles, like the bucket head, colorado bee vac, and styles that use shop vacuums and hive bodies. We have used all these styles to remove bees, and the features in the Everything Bee Vacuum make it the easiest to use, store and control.


The battery-powered vacuum option allows beekeepers to perform a cutout in hard-to-reach places and remote locations without a power cord. The onboard battery is built into the head of the bucket and gives you enough charge to do two cutouts on one charge. The rechargeable battery will charge quickly with the included charger between cutouts.


A remote control allows you to easily adjust the suction from off to full suction without removing the backpack vacuum. The control allows you to supply consistent suction during the cutout so you can gently remove bees from the comb without killing them. The suction also keeps the bees cool while transporting.


The included adjustable backpack straps make it easy to adjust the bucket to your body, regardless of what size beekeeper you are. Includes the required charger for charging the built-in battery between cutouts. Quiet motor so you don't have to run a loud vacuum inside a client's house.


Includes a large bucket chamber that holds the bees safely with a wire cage for the bees to cluster on. The extremely well-designed screen nests in the bucket, keeping the bees away from the motor while allowing plenty of airflow and suction.


Removable 7-foot hose with multiple nozzles included to help you effectively capture and suck bees from the tightest places. The adjustable door can be slid closed after removing the hose to keep bees in the bucket while still allowing airflow.

Included with this kit:

-Vacuum head (includes battery, vacuum motor, and control board inside)
-Bee Bucket
-Bee Barrier Basket (Inside the top of bucket to keep bees out of the vacuum head)
-7ft hose
-Long + short nozzles
-Backpack straps
-Retractable remote

When transferring the bees to the apiary, it is very easy to dump the bees into a hive body or nucleus hive. The vacuum head is unscrewed from the bucket to expose the mesh screen. Then the bees can be shaken to the bottom of the bucket with a gentle tap; the screen is removed and dumped into the hive.