Co2 Injector for Varroa Testing

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CO2 injector for varroa testing

This Varroa Easy Check CO2 Injection method uses CO2 in which bees and mites are rendered unconscious by exposure to carbon dioxide gas. The anesthetized bee sample is gently shaken within the EasyCheck, causing mites to dislodge from the bees and pass through the holes in the strainer basket. Counting the mites is performed just like the two other methods, counting the "knock out" mites in the yellow lid of the EasyCheck.

Co2 cartridge not included. We are unable to ship Co2 cartridges and recomend these co2 cartridges from Amazon as they are very affordable. 

Instruction on CO2 injection for mite monitoring

  • Place 200-300 bees in a white basket from capped brood frames, excluding the queen.

  • Put the bee-filled strainer basket upside-down in a transparent bowl and push it until it's correctly seated inside the bowl.

  • Utilize the yellow lid to inject CO2 through the strainer basket holes for 5-6 seconds, ensuring bees stop flying without direct exposure.

  • Swiftly screw on the lid after CO2 injection, allowing Varroa EasyCheck to sit for around 10 seconds for bee anesthesia.

  • Invert Varroa EasyCheck, gently shaking the bee sample for 15 seconds to dislodge mites without harming the bees.

  • Divide the counted mites by 2 (for 200 bees) or 3 (for 300 bees) to obtain the mite infestation rate percentage.

  • Return bees to the hive for recovery and responsibly Dispose of the fallen varroa mites, as most may still be alive.

CO2 injection is a monitoring method that can be as effective as alcohol wash, but it leaves your sample of bees alive. The process is super clean and easy. This procedure also saves time as it has proven to be the fastest of all 3 methods.

Advantage of CO2 Mite Check Injector

Unlike the sugar roll method, which can get messy (especially during honey flows, when bees can regurgitate the nectar, or during humid weather) and which may require more time, the CO2 injection method is quick (30 secs) and highly effective, comparatively.

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