Complete Bee Food Concentrate

$24.99 USD

This totally complete honey bee food supplement contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, essential oils, plant polyphenols, herbals, and kelp to improve the health of your colony naturally. It is the best food supplement for bees that takes care of a colony's short and long-term health needs.


Complete Bee is a supplement that contains a blend of the other products designed by "Complete Bee" including Nozevit Plus, Bee Cleanse, and Optima 2. All these products work to benefit the health of the bees but are blended in the appropriate amounts into Complete Bee.


Complete can be applied via a drench or general feeding via sugar syrup. A little goes a long way with Complete, so you don't need much. One 100ml bottle will make 5 gallons of syrup.

- 1 quart of syrup + 1 tsp Complete

- 1 gallon of syrup + 4 tsp Complete

- 5 gallons of syrup + 20 tsp


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