Optima 2 Concentrate

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Optima 2 is designed as a feeding supplement for healthier bees. Optima 2 does not have high fructose corn syrup as a filler and includes  15 natural essential oils for a complete vitamin, mineral, and amino acid supplement. 


Optima is the standard of essential oil-based honey bee food supplements because of its all-around high-quality ingredient blend that helps bees meet their nutrition needs. When used during the spring with packages and nucleus hives, Optima 2 can greatly increase the rate of build-up for the colony and improve colony health. 


The concentrate is either mixed in syrup when feeding bees normally or can be mixed into pollen patties. It contains whole plant polyphenols known for their intestinal cleansing properties along with a complex essential oil package to help promote a healthy intestinal tract in the honey bee as well as overall hive health, vigor, productivity, and cleanliness.


Apply by mixing concentrate in syrup using the ratio below. The great thing about Optima 2 is that it is shelf-stable and will also preserve the shelf life of syrup naturally.  One 500ml bottle will make 25 gallons of syrup.


1 quart of syrup + 1 tsp Optima 2

1 gallon of syrup + 4 tsp Optima 2

5 gallons of syrup + 1/2 cup Optima 2


Benefits: Feeding stimulant, antibacterial for bees and hive components, calms bees when sprayed on bees, queen acceptance, combining weak hives and swarms, encourages hygienic behavior.


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