Hive IQ Base & Lid Kit w/ Queen Excluder

$106.99 USD

Hive IQ Base and Lid Kit

This kit is part of the Hive IQ system and includes the bottom board or base, queen excluder, and lid or cover. You can also add deep or medium boxes that will fit these pieces perfectly. These high-density EPS pieces are extremely well made and designed to give your colony excellent insulation in the summer and the winter and allow you to utilize the entire Hive IQ system.

The external dimensions of the equipment are the same as those of Langstroth equipment, but it is not compatible with Langstroth boxes but is designed to use Langstroth frames.

Medium frames will fit the Hive IQ medium boxes.
Deep frames will fit the Hive IQ deep boxes.

The kit includes all the pieces necessary to assemble the bottom board as well as the top, and the only tools needed are a handheld screwdriver or a cordless drill. 

We love this system of insulated equipment for its durability and general design as it is bee-friendly and beekeeper friendly. For more information on insulated hives, read our blog about Modern Insulated Beehives.

Benefits of an Insulated Hive

Experience the HiveIQ Beehive Bottom Board, an innovative, lightweight, yet durable base for your hive. Crafted from high-density EPS, it not only ensures stability and safety for your bees but also facilitates easy hive transportation. The standout feature is its superior insulation, mirroring the thermal performance of all HiveIQ products. This insulation mimics the natural conditions bees thrive in, keeping the hive warm in winter and cool in summer.

This optimal environment boosts bee health and productivity, leading to improved survival rates, faster brood rearing, and increased honey production. Compatible with various HiveIQ enhancements, it offers a versatile solution for your beekeeping needs.

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