Honey Bandit Spray

$22.99 USD

Honey Bandit Spray is the competitor to the popular Fischer Bee Quick and is designed to move bees out of honey boxes when combined with a fume board. Honey Bandit is a synthetic spray with a pleasant smell similar to almond extract. 


It is made with food-grade ingredients and is safe for use with bees and honey.


Apply lightly to the felt side of the fume board, paying close attention to the edges where bees congregate. Smoke the bees slightly, remove the inner and outer covers, then place the fume board on the hive felt side down and rotate, so the corners of the hive are exposed, letting air flow through. Bees should be removed within 5–10 minutes. If bees are seen coming out of the entrance in large numbers, you have applied too much. Before reapplying, remove the board and allow some of the product to evaporate.


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