InstaVap Oxalic Acid Plunger

$51.99 USD

InstaVap Oxalic Acid Plunger


This is the oxalic acid plunger that is included with the InstaVap vaporizer. It features a 100% stainless steel design with an adjustable plunger to allow between 1-4 grams per application. It features an 0-ring to make the plunger and vaporizer more efficient. 


This is designed to be used with the battery powered InstaVap vaporizer and makes treating many hives with oxalic acid much quicker. The additional plunger can be stored in the Instavap handle for easy storage. 


Oiling the O-ring will make use easier and increase its life.  No scooping or measuring is required; simply set the plunger dose and press the plunger into oxalic acid to fill it. 


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