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Interactive Bee Class

$150.00 USD

Class sizes are always limited, so book early.

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We have a great, interactive class that teaches all about bees and what they do for us. This is a great class for both kids and adults and can easily be taylored to the dynamics of your group. We love teaching about bees, and we can all remember our first experience with a bee when we were a kid (good or bad...), so we love the idea of being about to share more about the good side of bees with a little humor. 

This class has been very popular with homeschool groups, outdoor clubs, nature clubs, boy and girl scouts, garden clubs, nursing homes and those groups of people who are looking for an organized, funny and informational speaker to talk to their group. 

The class can be held at your location (mileage may apply) or at ours, and we will schedule a time that works for you. Just message us some dates and times that work great for you. Each of these classes is designed for around 20 people, as that gives everyone the best opportunity to see and ask questions. We can do larger groups above 20; we charge only $1 per person above 20 to cover the extra supplies need for the larger group. We will invoice this after the class. 

Our class is 60-75 minutes and is designed to talk all about how bees and beekeepers work through an interactive class where you can see a real colony of bees in our observation hive. You can see, touch, smell, and taste the different products that bees make.

We bring along with us informational posters, wax blocks, honeycomb, frames, pollen and much more. Tell us about your group and we will tailor it to fit your groups needs. 

You should expect to learn how bees interact with our environment and why they are important. We'll talk about the 3 types of honeybees that live inside a beehive and what they all do. We will play fun find the queen games as well as talk through how a bee grows all the way from an egg to a honey forager.