Leather Conditioner

$22.99 USD

This Leather Conditioner is the best way to protect and hydrate all types of leather. It is a natural leather conditioner made from beeswax, natural lanolin, pure neats foot oil and several leather moisturizers. 


This combination will restore your worn leather and make it look great. It nourishes, conditions, and protects dry, cracked old leather while locking in moisture with the natural protective properties of beeswax. We have used this on our own boots for years, but it works great for conditioning leather belts, saddles, leather purses and more. 

Start with clean leather, and apply a small amount by hand or with a cloth (test results on a hidden leather patch if you'd like). A little goes a long way as you massage the leather conditioner into the leather in small circular motions for deep conditioning and waterproofing. Let conditioner sit on leather for at least 1 hour and wipe off excess. Gently warming the before rubbing leather will help the conditioner penetrate deeper in the leather.


The leather will darken as it gets moisturized. The rich color will remain in the leather and it will slowly return to its original color with use over several months. Repeat as necessary to condition, restore, and protect your leather.