Metal Frame Spacers for 9-Frames

$1.00 USD

These Metal Frame Spacers for 9-Frames are installed into two of the top edges of a box and equally space the frames across the box. The steel spacers are for permanently organizing your honey frames or brood frames and encouraging bees to draw a perfect, thick comb that is easy to harvest and increases efficiency and honey yield.


These metal frame spacers are best used with frames that already have drawn comb on them. Bees will further extend the already drawn comb out, maximizing space. If these spacers are used with brand-new foundations, it is common for bees to create a cross comb between the frames.


Using 9-frames in a 10-frame box allows honey bees to build their comb thicker, allowing the bees to store more honey in each hive and making harvesting your honey easier and quicker, an essential tool for your beekeeping supplies.


When installed, the frame spacers do not create any gaps for small hive beetles to hide unlike other designs, ours can be adjusted during installation to fit your preferences; slide the spacer up or down so that more or less of the spacers sit above the frame rest.


Organize your bee frames in your honey boxes so you can easily remove them or install them into your 10 Frame brood boxes to reduce the chance of rolling or injuring your bees or queen.


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