Pro Sweet Syrup - In Store

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If you have ever fed your bees sugar syrup before, this is sugar syrup on a completely new level. It's ready to feed to your bees and developed to be ready to store by the bees immediately. There isn't any need for the bees to process it before storing it in the comb, it's ready to go.


This thick syrup can be used for the bees to store away for winter food or also fed during the spring for stimulating brood. The syrup is thicker than a 2:1 thick sugar syrup mix. It works well in the spring and fall without any need to dilute it. Just pour it directly into feeding containers and give it to the bees.


Pro-sweet syrup is so popular because it doesn't require mixing, is a great substitute if honey isn't available, and doesn't require any work from the bees to process it. Unlike sugar water, Pro Sweet has binomial (nectar) and monomial (honey) sugars in it so it is the best of both worlds. The mix won't ferment or crystalize either, which is a huge plus. The mixture can be diluted, but it isn't necessary.


There is a 10-gallon minimum for filling from our bulk tank. A 5-gallon bucket holds around 55lbs of pro sweet. Don't have buckets that is no problem, you can use this 4.25 Gallon Square Bucket and Lid with Gasket and still save.


Pro sweet can be stored as is without any fermentation or crystallization or it can have up to 10% water added without any harm. More water can be added to turn the syrup into a 1:1 ratio. As is, Pro Sweet is thicker than the thick 2:1 syrup.


Looking to save on syrup? Our pro sweet sugar syrup is available in bulk quantities from our store. Minimum order of 10 gallons, and bring your own buckets to fill them up. 1 gallon of syrup is roughly 12 lbs.


They are only available for pickup from our store in Birmingham


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