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Stainless Steel Pro Smoker-Supplies
Stainless Steel Pro Smoker-Supplies
Stainless Steel Pro Smoker-Supplies

Stainless Steel Pro Smoker

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Product Details
  • HOW DOES IT WORK:  All the same design features of our other smoker, but with an oversized fuel chamber. The bee smoker is an essential tool for all beekeepers to use when inspecting beehives. A small fire is built in the bottom of the fire chamber and the rest of the chamber is filled with material. As the fire burns, cool smoke is released out the top of the smoker with each pump of the bellows. 
  • AIRFLOW PLATE: The airflow plate in the chamber can get hot when building a fire causing the plate to burn through. Our plate is will not burn through over time, continuing to provide optimum airflow to create smoke. 
  • BELLOW AND AIRFLOW TUBE: Includes a tube that helps direct air from the green, replaceable bellow to the bottom of the chamber. This ensures clean air is being supplied directly to the fire, creating an easy to light smoker. 
  • MEASUREMENTS:  Our smoker is 12 1/2-inches tall and the chamber without the heat shield measures 4-inches across. 
  • HEAT GUARD AND STORAGE HOOK: Our heat guard fully surrounds the smoker, making it safer for you and your bees by preventing burns and accidental fires. The storage hook built into the guard makes a convenient hook for storing your smoker when not used. 

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