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Sting Stopper Professional Ventilated Beekeeping Suit - Olive Green

$173.99 USD
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We absolutely love this Olive Green beekeeping suit with all of its smart features built into it. We have been selling bee suits for years, have used them in our operation, and are very proud to have our own version built for commercial and hobby beekeepers. 

This is a great bee suit with clever features, thoughtful design, and sting-proof ventilated material that works great on those hot summer days. This comfortable bee suit is much higher quality and priced cheaper than other suits with fewer features and a cheaper design.

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We promise this will be the best beekeeper suit you have used.

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  • Oversized Pull Rings: Each ring on our zipper is a plastic YKK ring with a large pull tab, making finding and grabbing gloves much easier than the standard zipper pull tab. 

  • Overlapping Neck Zipper: The spot where the zipper comes together under the chin is the most vulnerable spot for bees to get in, so we have an overlapping zipper system that keeps bees out. One zipper follows behind the other to create a 2-inch area where bees can't get through. 

  • Triple Layer Fabric: The ventilated fabric over the entire suit is thick enough to keep bees out at 5 mm and still light enough to be comfortable in the bee yard. The 3 layers of fabric are designed to let the maximum airflow through the mesh but provide the extra protection needed to keep stingers out while also letting you stay cool.

  • Easy Access Smart Veil: Besides being designed well for all beekeepers, the collapsible fencing veil, also called an accordion veil, can be entirely removed with a zipper for washing or replacing. The front of the veil has an internal wire frame for extra support but will still allow collapsing for storage. The front of the veil has an additional zipper that unzips the front so you can drink, fix hair, smoke, or scratch that nose that always starts itching when put on your suit.

  • Improved Veil Screen: Our mesh is extra durable and will not tear from regular use. This improved screen is much better than the standard screens as it is much stronger but still easy to see through.

  • Smart Chest Pockets: We have designed our chest pockets to have a variety of sizes with both velcro and zipper closures. These closures give you various ways to keep your beekeeping tools, pens, pencils, keys, and phone secure. One chest pocket is designed to hold a phone securely while recording a video or audio while working your bees. The same pocket has two horizontal Velcro pockets that can hold Neoidum magnets to hold your hive tool in place. 

  • Improved Elastic: The suit has an extra-strong elastic waist, elastic wrists, and elastic ankles that are twice as wide as the industry standard, which means it's twice as durable and strong as the standard jacket.

  • Velcro Cuffs:  In addition to the strong elastic cuff, each cuff has a 2-inch wide velcro strap for extra security from stings and as a backup to the elastic band.

  • Zippered Legs: On the outside of each leg is a zippered pull leg with an oversized ring so the suit can be put on without taking off shoes or boots. 

  • Elbow Protection: A solid fabric on each elbow helps prevent tears or premature wear on the ventilated material when keeping bees or working in tight places. 

  • Removable Knee Pads: Every once in a while, beekeepers need to work on their knees when taking care of their bees, and our removable, cushioned kneepads are designed to provide just enough comfort but not be bulky. 

  • Multiple Hip and Pant Pockets: We have zippered and non-zippered pockets in all the right places, so you can find the right place to hold your hive tool or other essential items in a secure way. 

  • Extra-Wide Zipper Cover: The extra fabric over the chest zipper and velcro seal that covers the zippers has strong velcro and is extra wide to make it easier to seal and keep even the maddest bees out. 

  • YKK Zippers: We have used YKK metal zippers for years in our beekeeping operation and store, but after thorough testing, we have decided the plastic YKK zippers are easier to use and will not rust. Even the nicest metal YKK zipper will fail eventually. These have broad teeth, are considered heavy-duty zippers, and are much less likely to bind than other zippers.

  • A Properly Sized Veil: The suit includes a self-supporting accordion veil that is appropriately sized, so the screen fits comfortably in front of your face but is also far enough from the face; a hat or other headpiece isn't required. The ventilated material sits around your sides, back, and top of your head, keeping you free from stings but still comfortable.

  • Easy to Clean: The protective suit is machine washable, so it is easy to clean and kept in good shape for years. Hand wash the veil and air dry the veil and suit.

  • Extra Durable Finger and Heal Elastic: The elastic that loops around the heel and your thumb to help keep the sleeves and legs in place is extra wide to prevent it from stretching out and becoming unusable. 


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