Replacement Beekeeping Veil

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Sometimes you need to swap veils because an old one gets damaged or you want to change from one type to another. All of our adult suits and jackets are designed to fit our replacement veils. But we know you may have another brand of suit, we got you too. 

Think of our veils as the Swiss Army knife of beekeeping gear. They're versatile, practical, and look great in either classic Beekeeper White or sleek Olive Green. Made with high-quality mesh for superior visibility, they keep you safe without compromising on your view of the hive. And the best part? They are the same great veil with smart features and good quality that you expect from Sting Stopper apparel. 


  • Compatibility Plus: Works seamlessly with all Sting Stopper adult suits and jackets, offering a flawless fit every time. Making replacing the veil quick and easy. 

  • Two Styles, Double the Fun: Choose between the Round or Fencing/Accordion styles. Whether you prefer the classic round shape or the modern fencing design, we've got you covered (literally).

  • High-Quality Mesh: Enjoy crystal-clear visibility with our superior Italian mesh. It’s like having an HD screen protecting your face – see your bees and frames like never before.

  • Color Choices: Whether you go for the Beekeeper White or the Olive Green, you're sure to stand out in the apiary. Style meets safety in these vibrant veils.
  • Universal Zipper Design: Each veil comes with an extra zipper part, allowing for easy attachment to different brands of suits and jackets. It's the versatility that you've always wanted. It is best to sew this part onto the jacket or suit. 
  • Round Veil Perks: The round metal wire frame keeps the veil comfortably away from your face, ensuring a wide and clear view, even when bending or kneeling.
  • Fencing Veil Convenience: Featuring a zippered front, the fencing veil offers easy access for a quick drink, an itch scratch, or glasses adjustment. It’s the convenience you didn’t know you needed.
  • Comfort and Protection: Both veils are designed with three layers of ventilated mesh for maximum comfort and sting protection. Enjoy beekeeping without the fear of stings.
  • Adjustable for Comfort: With an adjustable strap on the round veil, achieve the perfect fit for hours of comfortable beekeeping.
  • Easy Maintenance: Both veils are simple to detach and easy to clean, ensuring they're always ready for your next beekeeping adventure.

Choose Sting Stopper's Replacement Beekeeping Veils for a blend of functionality, comfort, and style. It's not just about keeping bees; it's about enjoying every moment of your beekeeping journey.