Box Assembly Tool

$31.99 USD

If you are assembling more than six boxes, this is a great tool to have on hand. It can be used year after year. We modeled this tool after one we used for our operation for years. It worked so well that we made a version for backyard beekeepers.


This jig works with deep, medium, and even shallow boxes. It will also assemble 3 medium or 3 shallow or 2 deep boxes simultaneously. The tool works by holding the short sides of the boxes upright while you glue and nail the long side in place. Then the whole jig is flipped over and the other long side is attached to finish the box. Once assembled, the boxes simply slide out of the jig.


To make shipping more affordable, this tool is sold unassembled.


This tool is a jig for assembling multiple boxes simultaneously, making assembly quicker, easier, and with a better final product. When assembling lots of boxes, this is great for making the assembly process more fun. The jig holds your boxes nice and square and makes it easy to adjust for square before gluing or nailing.


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