Hive IQ Double Deep + Medium Kit

$239.99 USD

The Hive IQ Triple Deep Kit

This Insulated hive kit includes the HiveIQ system a beekeeper will need to keep their hives in an highly designed, well insulated smart hive. The kit includes 2 deep boxes, 1 medium box, and all the hardware and parts to assemble them, as well as the top cover and bottom board. It does not include frames, but is compatible with our Langstroth frames. 

Each box holds 9 frames and is the same outside dimensions as a 10 frame Langstroth Hive. A colony of bees will perform better in this insulated hive compared to a standard hive because the bees are able to manage their temperature more effectively. Both in the summer and in the winter. 

Benefits of an Insulated Hive

Crafted from high-density EPS, it not only ensures stability and safety for your bees but also facilitates easy hive transportation. The standout feature is its superior insulation, mirroring the thermal performance of all HiveIQ products. This insulation mimics the natural conditions bees thrive in, keeping the hive warm in winter and cool in summer.

This optimal environment boosts bee health and productivity, leading to improved survival rates, faster brood rearing, and increased honey production. Compatible with various HiveIQ enhancements, it offers a versatile solution for your beekeeping needs.

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The unassembled kit will require assembly as the mortise and tenon joints on the box fit nicely, but the addition of exterior wood glue locks the joints together. All hardware is included to assemble the boxes, except for the glue. 

Both the bottom board and lid will need the protective edges attached and can be done with a screwdriver and the included parts. The steel lid should be siliconed to the top of the foam to give it extra rigidity and to reduce changes in the foam due to temperatures. 

What's Included with the Hive Kit


1 x 9 Frame Beehive Bottom
       - 2 x NFC Tags
       - 1 x Stamped Floor Vent
       - 1 x Hive Entrance
       - 1 x Blanking Plate
1 x 9 Frame Beehive Top Cover w/ Yellow Metal Top Cover
1 x 9 Frame Metal Queen Excluder
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Varroa Board


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